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Malcolm Journeaux


I stumbled into songwriting.

Having formed a band, 'Crimson Scarlet', in 1992 with Paul Preston, I contributed the music to Paul's lyrics.

Paul left the band in 2005 and I began writing both lyrics and music for new songs.

When Crimson Scarlet disbanded in 2008 my songwriting came to a halt for over a decade until I got back together with former Crimson Scarlet vocalist Sarah-Jane (SJ) Johnson in summer 2019 to form 'Sable 097', a songwriting and recording collaboration.

The songs I have written that have been recorded can be found on the Sable 097 and Crimson Scarlet websites.





I only picked up a guitar because I saw one in a second hand shop window in 1989 whilst out riding my motorbike one Sunday afternoon and bought it on a whim!

Having spent a year (or two!) learning how to play, I joined a band called 'Forgiven' as a guitarist in 1992.

This was followed by playing guitar and bass in Crimson Scarlet from 2002.

When Crimson Scarlet disbanded I became the guitarist in a duo called 'Jules & Journeaux', with Bolton-based vocalist Lisa Jules, from 2008 to 2011.

My guitars were left unplayed for many years until one of my young sons decided he would like to learn and I started playing again in 2019. Having got back into the groove and got back in touch with SJ Johnson I became the guitarist in Sable 097.



I began taking photos in 2008 because a friend asked me to take her photo. To do so, I borrowed a first generation digital camera.

I bought my first camera shortly afterwards and persuaded family and friends to sit for me before collaborating with many models to hone my portrait skills. I also started photographing at local events and sporting occasions.

My photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines, on websites, used as music covers, and have won awards.

My photography portfolio can be found at: